“There’s My Question!”

What kind of clients does Oyster work with?

Oyster has worked with clients in travel and lifestyle (air, luxury hotel and resorts), health and wellness, employment tracking/human Resources, legal, consumer media, architectural design, restaurants, cannabis (CBD), and medical. Tell us about your business – we’d love to learn more.

I’m a small company. Will you work with small but growing budgets?

Yes. The team has worked with start-ups and established business and individuals.

What are your fees?

We typically work on a monthly retainer fee, which is an industry standard, but we also work on individual project scales. We offer packages that include “press-release-only” options, site content, social posting, executive bios, corporate communications and video scripting and production. Basically, our team can work with you on specific needs that don’t require a “full retainer experience.”

Are you currently taking on new clients?

Our bandwidth is essentially structured so that we can offer the absolute best agency experience for our clients. At this time, we are currently taking on new clients so please contact us and we can discuss your timeframe, especially if you have any urgent needs such as crisis communications.

How do we begin?

Contact us by the form below, email or phone and we’ll get the ball rolling without delay. We usually start with a call. And then:

  • Initial conversation with an overview and background provided by you.
  • A broad strokes analysis from Oyster.
  • Outline of next steps.
  • Proposal
  • Agreement
  • Commence work
Do you specialize in any particular media?

No. We’ve secured earned media across the board with TV, Online, Print and Radio. The results of our behind-the-scenes work has been seen on the nightly news and morning shows, as well as in major publications and online outlets, on social networks and heard on radio media tours and broadcasts.

Our work has spanned the gamut, including featured interviews, expert commentary, product and services reviews, reporting on polling and surveys, thought leadership, breaking news commentary and more.